18 February 08:00SocialView HQ

So you took the time to build an app. Your app might be amazing, but it’s useless if you can’t get it into the hands of the right consumer. 

Mobile apps now account for 10 out of every 11 minutes we spend using mobile devices. And roughly half of the 3.7 hours that people spend using mobile phones each day is spent using social and communications apps. You hear where this is going. 

At this breakfast seminar, we hope to inspire you with some of our best practices and insights on how to build a digital customer journey as an app company -  focusing on long term branding, user acquisition and profitability using social media marketing.

And as a great bonus - you will also get an overview on the latest audience numbers for Snapchat and an insight into the latest products as well as best practices for succeeding with App Install campaigns on Snapchat. 


  • Building a strong app brand
  • Campaign planning & prospecting
  • Working with tactical user acquisition
  • Scale by securing app activity & loyalty
  • How to include Snapchat in your media-mix  

Everything you need to know

08.00-08.20 Breakfast & mingle

08.20-08.50 Digital customer journeys for app companies  

08.50 - 09.20 App marketing on Snapchat 

09.20-09.30 Q&A 



Sofia Vinsa
Digital Strategist at SocialView

Digital customer journeys for app companies

Sofia Vinsa works as a Digital Strategist at the growth and entrepreneurial award-winning digital marketing agency SocialView. With her cutting-edge management expertise and broad experience in digital customer journeys, Sofia is managing both Swedish, Nordic and global companies with their growth and profitability through business-driven social media marketing.

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William Clifford
Commercial Strategist at Snap Inc.

App marketing on Snapchat

William has been at Snapchat for 2 and a half years in a number of roles and focuses on helping look after performance brands for the Nordics at Snapchat, but has a wide range of experience in working with apps across Europe. 

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